Kingsville Elementary School

Call 440-335-1325 to report your Kingsville student off school. (Attendance Line) 

Thank you for following the NEW designated traffic pattern in our parking lot. Please see the new traffic pattern map.
Please do not arrive to drop your student off at Kingsville Elementary before 8:40 am - they will not be able to access the building prior to 8:40 am. Unless you child is participating in the YMCA before / after school program. If interested in this program please contact the YMCA. 

  Classes begin promptly at 9:00am.  Dismissal is 3:30pm. 

Please sign in at the office if visiting your child's classroom and pick up a visitor's badge.  We welcome visitors, but encourage you to contact the teacher in advance to schedule a convenient time. 

Would you like to become a regular volunteer?  Please ask for a volunteer form in the office!  We'd love to have you.

If you are picking up your student from school, please write a note stating the date and time that the student will be picked up.  If you permit others to pick up your student, please write the names of those people on the note.  Only one note is needed if the student will be picked up every day of the school year.  

Pick up at dismissal is at the front side walk - please have your car tag displayed so we can match it with your child's car tag on their book bag. Every family was issued one car tag - extra tags are available to purchase for $1 in the office. You can have as many tags as you need.

We welcome non-food birthday treats to celebrate your child's special day.  Please do not ask to supply or spontaneously bring in cupcakes, cookies, food treats or other food items for your child's class.  They will not be distributed.  

Due to allergies and federal nutritional restrictions, we encourage non-food celebrations.  If treats are necessary, we suggest bubbles, stickers, pencils, a game with the class, or other inexpensive party favors.   Please talk with your child's teacher for more  ideas. You can also use the school cafeteria to purchase cookies, healthy snacks, ice cream etc. for parties as well. Please contact the school and we will get you in touch with Mrs. Mills.


School Office Hours:

 8am-4pm Monday-Friday 

Main Office: 440-224-0281

Attendance Line: 440-335-1325

  ~Mr. William Billington, 

Kingsville Elementary Principal 440-335-1305

~Mrs. Linda Fox, Administrative Assistant

~Mrs. Sandy Bojanowski, Administrative Assistant